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Terms & Conditions

  • This contract shall constitute the entire agreement between Pro-Water Conditioning (of Lacombe, Alberta), and the customer name written into this contract. It is expressly understood that this is the only agreement that shall have the effect, and all other agreements or advice given, either written or verbal, shall have no effect, nor bind Pro-water Conditioning, in any way whatsoever.
  • Pro-Water Conditioning limits its liability as to the performance of their products to manufacture specifications on media, tanks and controls only. The company extends no further warranty unless otherwise specified and any failure to perform regular maintenance on the products or abuse of systems or parts shall invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty. The company warrants that each new system installed by Pro-Water Conditioning shall have one year free parts & labour on defective equipment as of the date purchased. Services rendered after shall be at posted rates.
  • Pro-Water recommends homeowners to check all of their water equipment on a regular basis. Equipment malfunctions are a risk in any application and to prevent damage caused by flooding it is the homeowner’s responsibility to monitor this. Pro-Water Conditioning recommends homeowners to shut off the main water supply to their residence when house is empty for consecutive days.
  • Pro-Water Conditioning performs water tests to determine what kind of water treatment system is required for the customer but does not conduct a bacterial or a chemical analysis on the water. For complete bacterial and/or chemical analysis, water samples are to be sent to the Provincial Laboratory of Public Health and Alberta Centre for Toxicology through your local health or a local professional lab center. For more information visit www.albertahealthservices.ca
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to shock chlorinate a water well in accordance with Alberta Health Service recommendations such that if failure of the equipment is the result of iron or sulphate bacteria, it is understood that the responsibility is solely that of the customer.
  • Changing water conditions or water flow rates may affect the water conditioner’s performance such that it may require additional equipment to the original equipment purchased. The cost to purchase any such additional equipment is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.
  • Pro-Water Conditioning guarantees the performance of the water system only when the system is professionally serviced by Pro-Water Lacombe technicians. The cost to maintain and service the water system is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.
  • Pro-Water Conditioning retains the right to remove goods sold & installed if said goods stated on the front side of this document are not fully paid for.
  • If Pro-Water has to involve a collection agency to recover payment on an over-due delinquent account, all of those costs will be billed to the customer.

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