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Sediment in Water

Does your water have turbidity, sand or grit in it? Is it kind of cloudy and initially not clear? Does a layer of fine sand settle at the bottom of a glass after it sits for a while?

Sediment, sand or turbidity in well water can be caused by a variety of things. It can often take a few weeks for sediment to settle in a newly drilled well. If an old well is starting to deteriorate or deplete it can start to produce sediment as well. Sometimes well pumps will pick up that sediment and bring it to surface.

We have many different ways and types of filtration systems available to deal with this issue. Depending on how much sediment is actually present in the water would determine what type of filtration process we would apply to eliminate it. We have maintenance free, self cleaning, back-washing sand filters and in-line sand/sediment bag or cartridge type of filters available.

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