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Water Treatment Store Services

  • WATER: Our outside water refill station (Reverse Osmosis) is available 24/7 and takes all coins. Alternately, if you have our bottles we can exchange for sterilized fills inside the front door (see "Bottled Water" below) Contact Us
  • STORE: We have a huge inventory of water treatment products including filters, chemicals and plumbing supplies. There is always someone available to help you during business hours Mon-Fri 9:00 am-5:00 pm. Contact Us!
  • SERVICE AND SALES: Do you have problems with your water and need some advice or do you have an existing water system and it is not working or needs service? Please call us and we can help you with either situation.

    24/7 outside Water Bottle Refills

    Come fill your bottles anytime of the day or night, at your convenience, using our easy coin-operated system. The machine accepts dimes, nickles, quarters, loonies and smooth edged toonies.

    • 5-gallon bottle refill: $3.00
    • 3-gallon bottle refill: $2.00
    • 2-gallon bottle refill: $1.50

    Bottled Water

    Due to the ability to offer you a more sanitized product, we offer an exchange-only service of 3 & 5 gallon bottles inside of our store. Only Pro-Water bottles are accepted for exchange.

    • 5 gallon prepaid card with new lid (11 exchanges): $45
    • 3 gallon prepaid card with new lids (11 exchanges): $35

    We have a pre-paid card system so you can easily exchange your Pro-Water bottles. Our exchange service allows the bottles to undergo a 4 step cleaning process: We start with washing the outside of the bottle completely and then three interior washes: first wash 35% Hydrogen Peroxide, second wash with purified water to rinse the HP residue, and third wash is our new (hotter) 82 degree Celsius hot water rinse. All caps are sterilized brand new sealed caps.

    Distilled Water

    Distilled water is useful for dialysis and sleep apnea machines.

    Most Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) manufacturers recommend using distilled water in the CPAP humidifiers to maximize the life of the water tub and eliminate mineral deposits.

    Portable dialysis machines have strict water requirements and distilled water is the safest choice.

    Distilled water can be purchased anytime during regular business hours. Pre-purchased cards are available but not necessary.

    • $10 deposit required on new 3- and 5-gallon jugs.
    • 3 gallon: $4.00
    • 5 gallon: $6.00

    PVC, Copper, Pex, poly,abs Pipe

    We stock a large selection of PVC , copper, pex, poly, ABS pipe. Let us know what you need and we can help you.


    • 8 lb bag of ice: $4.00 (If you require more than 5 bags of ice please call and order ahead)

    Pro-Water Conditioning offers a very wide range of products and services. We stock iron filters, water softeners, sand filters, UV lights, distillers, RO systems, chlorine systems, hydrogen peroxide systems, water pumps, storage tanks and pressure tanks. We also carry a large selection of PVC, brass, banjo, pex, nylon, copper and quick connect fittings. We stock chemical pumps, water well accessories, carbon filters, sediment filters, iron reduction filters and scale inhibiting filters as well. We also stock parts to service all types of water distillers including Precision, Durastill, Dolfyn and Polar Bear!

    We don't have it all but we have a lot! We have tried over the years to provide for Lacombe and surrounding area a "one stop water shop" so our customers do not have to travel to Red Deer to get basic plumbing parts and supplies.

    Pro-Water has been in business in Lacombe since 2001, have many years of experience and have built a solid reputation in providing water systems that will make your water safer, cleaner, healthier and better tasting. Stop by our store anytime Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. We are conveniently located at 4920 Hwy 2A in Lacombe, Alberta.

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