Discolored Water

Is your water clear or is it faint yellow to tea-like in color right out of the tap?

You may have tannins in your water.

Tannins are a natural organic material found in water wells. It is created when water passes through peaty soil, decaying vegetation or an underground coal seam. Coal seams in Alberta water wells are a common cause of tannins and in many cases the water will be brownish in color, taste bitter, stain laundry, sinks, toilets, and tubs, as well as corrode the chrome on plumbing fixtures. An initial water test would need to be done to determine what treatment process would be required as there are many different types of tannins.

A Nano or Ultra Filtration System with the proper pre-treatment is the most effective way to remove tannins from the water. Tannin removal systems can be expensive but are very effective in most cases. Contact Pro-Water Conditioning for a free estimate.

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