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Smelly Water

Does your water smell like rotten eggs or sulfur gas?

Rural well water that is smelly could have hydrogen sulfide or sulfate-reducing bacteria in it. Pro-Water Conditioning in Lacombe can provide a water purification system for you that will completely eliminate these issues. So by installing a constant chlorination or hydrogen peroxide injection system, your water will no longer smell like rotten eggs. These systems will also alleviate any concerns of Coliforms or E. coli being present in your domestic water and in most cases, eliminate the need to shock chlorinate your water well. In our experience, we prefer treating water above ground (injection systems) which eliminates the chance of household plumbing corrosion or well issues caused by shock chlorination.

Does your water smell like chlorine or have an

organic odour?

If you use municipal water sources and notice a strong smell of chlorine in your tap water, it’s likely because spring run-off season has arrived. When the weather warms up and the snow melts, decomposing grass and leaves, manure from farmers’ fields, and loose soil wash into the water. These new additions to the water mean the municipality adjusts its water treatment which can cause distinct chlorine or organic odours in your tap water.

Studies show that chlorine is a health hazard, but there are easy methods to remove it. Pro-Water Conditioning can either install a premium in-line carbon filter assembly (the filter cartridge would need to be replaced annually) or a self-cleaning activated carbon filter system that would last for years with no maintenance. We also sell designer shower heads that remove chlorine to give you a clean, safe chlorine-free shower.

We can install chemical-free, self-cleaning multi-media filters for rural residents experiencing organic odours, colour and turbidity (the filter is composed of a custom-made media mix that removes odours, iron, manganese and other impurities).

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