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Hard Water

Does your skin feel dry and itchy? Do your dishes, shower doors, and glassware have a white film?

Hard water can leave your hair feeling brittle, your skin feeling dry and itchy, and leave a white film on your shower doors, dishes, and glassware. Hard water can also shorten the life of all plumbing fixtures, hot water heaters, kettles and appliances.

A water softening system from Pro-Water Conditioning has a multitude of benefits.

How does a water softener work?

Water softeners remove all hardening calcium and magnesium minerals from the water through ion exchange.

Installing a water softener system will:
  • Greatly reduce the amount of detergents, soaps, shampoos and cleaning supplies used on a daily basis.
  • Extend the life of all plumbing fixtures, hot water heaters and all appliances by eliminating the scale buildup that forms inside them from the hard water.
  • All clothing, towels and blankets will be softer, stay brighter, last longer and smell fresher.
  • Your hair will be silkier, softer, less brittle and more manageable.
  • Your skin will feel smoother, softer and less irritated after bathing, showering or shaving.
  • Soap scum and white film residue will be eliminated allowing household cleaning to be much easier plus all sinks, fixtures, dishes and glassware will look cleaner and shinier.
  • Heating efficiency will increase due to no scaling inside of your hot water heater and water pipes.
  • Water pressure and volume will increase due to no scale building up inside water pipes, water taps and hot water heater.

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